Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, hope you are having a wonderful day.  We are enjoying a relaxing day with much chocolate, lots of play time for the little ones, and some rest and rippling for me.  It is a lovely day, spending time  with my little family.  I thought I would hop on here and post a couple of pictures of the cute little crochet bunnies I made for my boys………

bunny-rabbits Easter-bunnies

They are adorable little bunnies, very much loved already.  I have seen quite a few of these being made, if you would like to make one there is a free bunny tutorial here, although I must warn it is hard to stop at just one….. or two even…..

Enjoy your day xx


Easter Treats

Lots of yummy Easter Treats were made here today, and lots of those yummy treats were also very much enjoyed today.

scales-flour              cooking-jpg

I got to use my new scales for the first time….. measuring up butter, flour, and sugar, and it truly did makes things a lot easier.  Then it was soon time to start getting creative.

baking-1   Alex-Easter-March-2013

Little helping hands were super keen to take control of the cooking cutting department, they had such a wonderful time.  We used cookie cutters in the shape of a cute little car (a favourite for my youngest), Rocket ship (big brothers favourite), a star, a heart, and a dove.  We rolled, we cookie cut, repeated this process several times, until we used up all the cookie dough,  then we popped them in the oven and patiently waited for them to cook, then the fun began again…. getting the little ones to let them cool down to decorate without devouring them all first.  Master Two is a little stealth cookie monster… he grabbed two and munched away before I even realised, then their Daddy also sampled them, so I decided it was only fair that we all tried them….. and we all thought they tasted great.

baking-biscuits copy

Happily there was still many left over to decorate, and again creative control was handed over to the little people, and much enjoyment was had by all.  We think they turned out fantastic, and very yummy.

easter-nests     easter-nests-yumj

Then it was time for some chocolatey goodness….. yummy Chocolate Easter Egg Nests, these would have to be my favourite Easter treat to make.  So easy and yet so very delicious.  We made them in two sizes, using small and medium patty trays.  I think they turned out really well, very cute looking little egg nests.  I couldn’t buy the Candy Eggs that the recipe used, we only have one supermarket and its 300km through the outback to the next supermarket so I had to use an alternative, thankfully I came across these little chocolate drops in the lolly aisle and they are perfect, tiny little brightly coloured candy chocolate eggs, quite perfect for little egg nests really.  Would have to watch these ones more with little children though because they are small.  I am nibbling on one of these as I type, it is a bit late in the night for chocolate, but it has been a long day baking, and I really could not resist.

Very productive day here today, looking forward to the weekend, enjoy xx

Easter Baking


Looking forward to making some Easter treats tomorrow with my little ones.  I have managed to purchase some new scales (well new to me, second hand but barely used so yay!!).  I have been meaning to purchase some scales for over 12 months, which means there has been a lot of guessing with ingredients, these will make cooking easier and even more fun.  Am so excited about my purchase (can you tell), they are both the most gorgeous retro candy apple green, a very bright and happy colour.

Hope to post some photos from my baking tomorrow, enjoy your day……….

Ripple Progress


I  was able to get a few rows added to my Ripple Blanket yesterday as I had some rest time with a movie, which was nice.   My little ones joined in watching for a while then decided that playing trains and cars was much more fun.  It is nice to have some quiet time with them, and this ripple blanket is the perfect project for quiet time.


I have now done 46 rows yay!!  Into the 6th repeat of pattern, and am really loving how it is coming along, it is going to be a nice snuggly blanket.  I have mentioned before that I started this ripple blanket after getting inspiration from a ripple along group, the group was started by Mel over at One Crafty Mumma,  if you would like to visit Mel’s crafty page you will also find pictures of Mel’s blanket that she is rippling, along with links for the members of the ripple along group – if you would like to see more lovely ripple blanket progress.

It is a very grey, cloudy day here today, a little bit of rain might fall, and maybe I might be able to get a row or two of ripples done.


That’s Not Cutlery

drawer toys

Opened my cutlery drawer last night and look at what I found, made me giggle – those little cars and a big jolly yellow bus nestled in with all the spoons and such, amused me so much that I left them there so that my Husband would also get a laugh when he opened the drawer up, and sure enough he also found it amusing and called out to me so that I could come and see what the little ones had been up to.

cuppa and raisin toast

It has been a quiet weekend for us, lots of yummy baking, and lots of laundry being done,  it is such a nice sun shiny day for it.  Started out with a breakfast for me of cappuccino and raisin toast…. yummy.  followed by that yummy baking…..

Date Loaf n pear and apple muffins

Date Loaf, and Fresh Apple & Pear Muffins, very yummy indeed.  Don’t think that there will be much left by Monday.  Now I need to get my housework all done, never ending task that one!  Did I mention I got some more done to my ripple blanket…..

ripple blanket week 1

We had a movie night here last night and I managed to get several rows done, which was great.   32 rows done so far….. I didn’t expect to get so much done this soon.  It really is a pleasure to crochet  with both this yarn, and this pattern, just flows along so easily, I find it very relaxing and enjoyable.  A nice way to finish the day.  Well I really must go and make the most of this lovely Sunday afternoon.   Have a great weekend…………

The Beginning of my Ripple Blanket


This week I have spent my evenings getting started on my very first Ripple Blanket.  I ordered my wool after seeing one of my favourite bloggers had started up a ripple-along project.  How exciting, I have been wanting to make a ripple blanket for so very long and decided this was it, the inspiration I needed.  So I ordered my wool, patiently waited for the post-lady to deliver my parcel, and wow the wool it is wonderful, so wonderful that I had to start my project that very night.  Once I started I just couldn’t put it down, not until I had done two rows of each colour so that I could see the colour pattern come to life.  And I have been rippling every night since, it is really starting to come along now.  Here is a peak at the progress.


This is the first block of colours, I really do like the way the colours work together.  Was surprised with how much I managed to get done in the first night, was really lovely sitting and rippling.  The colours remind me of the sea, and the sand, they really do.


And here it is now, really does make me so giddy and happy to see it coming along.  Two colour blocks completed now and onto the third.  It is starting to get some weight to it already, think it will make for a nice warm and snuggle blanket that is for sure.

Today I am off to post some Easter goodies for family, should have probably done it already, as being in the Outback post takes that extra few days, thinking some might need to be express posted to make sure they get there on time.  Have got a mixture this year, some store brought and some handmade, and the little ones have made their annual hand-drawn Easter Cards, so very cute.

Enjoy your day everyone xx



For a while now I have thought about beginning my own blog, and decided now was as good a time as any to take the plunge.  I only really discovered the creative blogging community within the last two years, and just recently started to actively follow blogging.  I am finding so much inspiration through the blogs that I have discovered and look forward to new posts and updates on projects.

A little bit about me, I live in the Australian outback with my Hubby and two small sons whom I absolutely adore.  I love to create,  sew, crochet, stitch, bake, and to try to capture life’s moments through my lens.  The name of my blog came about as I live in the outback but when my mind wonders it automatically goes to the sea, the sand, and the treasures that are seashells.

I make craft items when I find a spare moment or two, and when I get enough items together I head off to the local market with them.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to this journey into the blogging community.