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The Beginning of my Ripple Blanket


This week I have spent my evenings getting started on my very first Ripple Blanket.  I ordered my wool after seeing one of my favourite bloggers had started up a ripple-along project.  How exciting, I have been wanting to make a ripple blanket for so very long and decided this was it, the inspiration I needed.  So I ordered my wool, patiently waited for the post-lady to deliver my parcel, and wow the wool it is wonderful, so wonderful that I had to start my project that very night.  Once I started I just couldn’t put it down, not until I had done two rows of each colour so that I could see the colour pattern come to life.  And I have been rippling every night since, it is really starting to come along now.  Here is a peak at the progress.


This is the first block of colours, I really do like the way the colours work together.  Was surprised with how much I managed to get done in the first night, was really lovely sitting and rippling.  The colours remind me of the sea, and the sand, they really do.


And here it is now, really does make me so giddy and happy to see it coming along.  Two colour blocks completed now and onto the third.  It is starting to get some weight to it already, think it will make for a nice warm and snuggle blanket that is for sure.

Today I am off to post some Easter goodies for family, should have probably done it already, as being in the Outback post takes that extra few days, thinking some might need to be express posted to make sure they get there on time.  Have got a mixture this year, some store brought and some handmade, and the little ones have made their annual hand-drawn Easter Cards, so very cute.

Enjoy your day everyone xx


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