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That’s Not Cutlery

drawer toys

Opened my cutlery drawer last night and look at what I found, made me giggle – those little cars and a big jolly yellow bus nestled in with all the spoons and such, amused me so much that I left them there so that my Husband would also get a laugh when he opened the drawer up, and sure enough he also found it amusing and called out to me so that I could come and see what the little ones had been up to.

cuppa and raisin toast

It has been a quiet weekend for us, lots of yummy baking, and lots of laundry being done,  it is such a nice sun shiny day for it.  Started out with a breakfast for me of cappuccino and raisin toast…. yummy.  followed by that yummy baking…..

Date Loaf n pear and apple muffins

Date Loaf, and Fresh Apple & Pear Muffins, very yummy indeed.  Don’t think that there will be much left by Monday.  Now I need to get my housework all done, never ending task that one!  Did I mention I got some more done to my ripple blanket…..

ripple blanket week 1

We had a movie night here last night and I managed to get several rows done, which was great.   32 rows done so far….. I didn’t expect to get so much done this soon.  It really is a pleasure to crochet  with both this yarn, and this pattern, just flows along so easily, I find it very relaxing and enjoyable.  A nice way to finish the day.  Well I really must go and make the most of this lovely Sunday afternoon.   Have a great weekend…………


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