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Ripple Progress


I  was able to get a few rows added to my Ripple Blanket yesterday as I had some rest time with a movie, which was nice.   My little ones joined in watching for a while then decided that playing trains and cars was much more fun.  It is nice to have some quiet time with them, and this ripple blanket is the perfect project for quiet time.


I have now done 46 rows yay!!  Into the 6th repeat of pattern, and am really loving how it is coming along, it is going to be a nice snuggly blanket.  I have mentioned before that I started this ripple blanket after getting inspiration from a ripple along group, the group was started by Mel over at One Crafty Mumma,  if you would like to visit Mel’s crafty page you will also find pictures of Mel’s blanket that she is rippling, along with links for the members of the ripple along group – if you would like to see more lovely ripple blanket progress.

It is a very grey, cloudy day here today, a little bit of rain might fall, and maybe I might be able to get a row or two of ripples done.



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