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Easter Treats

Lots of yummy Easter Treats were made here today, and lots of those yummy treats were also very much enjoyed today.

scales-flour              cooking-jpg

I got to use my new scales for the first time….. measuring up butter, flour, and sugar, and it truly did makes things a lot easier.  Then it was soon time to start getting creative.

baking-1   Alex-Easter-March-2013

Little helping hands were super keen to take control of the cooking cutting department, they had such a wonderful time.  We used cookie cutters in the shape of a cute little car (a favourite for my youngest), Rocket ship (big brothers favourite), a star, a heart, and a dove.  We rolled, we cookie cut, repeated this process several times, until we used up all the cookie dough,  then we popped them in the oven and patiently waited for them to cook, then the fun began again…. getting the little ones to let them cool down to decorate without devouring them all first.  Master Two is a little stealth cookie monster… he grabbed two and munched away before I even realised, then their Daddy also sampled them, so I decided it was only fair that we all tried them….. and we all thought they tasted great.

baking-biscuits copy

Happily there was still many left over to decorate, and again creative control was handed over to the little people, and much enjoyment was had by all.  We think they turned out fantastic, and very yummy.

easter-nests     easter-nests-yumj

Then it was time for some chocolatey goodness….. yummy Chocolate Easter Egg Nests, these would have to be my favourite Easter treat to make.  So easy and yet so very delicious.  We made them in two sizes, using small and medium patty trays.  I think they turned out really well, very cute looking little egg nests.  I couldn’t buy the Candy Eggs that the recipe used, we only have one supermarket and its 300km through the outback to the next supermarket so I had to use an alternative, thankfully I came across these little chocolate drops in the lolly aisle and they are perfect, tiny little brightly coloured candy chocolate eggs, quite perfect for little egg nests really.  Would have to watch these ones more with little children though because they are small.  I am nibbling on one of these as I type, it is a bit late in the night for chocolate, but it has been a long day baking, and I really could not resist.

Very productive day here today, looking forward to the weekend, enjoy xx


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