An Unexpected Absence

It has been 3 weeks since I lasted blogged, and it has been a very busy time for us.  We needed to make a journey back to our Home State of Tasmania, it was not a planned trip, no not at all, very unexpected and unprepared for, you see my dear Grandmother took ill, and really there was no question about going home to spend some time with her and our family.  The time seems to have gone all too quickly yet at the same time, it seems like so very long ago that we set off.  We are now back home, we could not put our return off any longer as we have some big changes here that are starting to take place (more on that at a later date).  My Grandma has improved, and I think she is enjoying stirring up the nurses….. dear Grandma, she is such a character.

I thought I would go back to the beginning of our trip, we left the outback and drove all the way to Melbourne, to board the Spirit of Tasmania – the ferry that operates from Melbourne to Tasmania (and return).  We needed to take our car with us, so that we could come and go, to and from the hospital, and to visit family, made things much easier than worrying about hire fees etc.  And this way we could also take our own camper, and set this up for us to stay in.  We got into Melbourne early in the morning, and as we had an evening sailing we decided to have a look around St Kilda, a lovely little town near the pier where the ferry departs from, and we also knew from memory that it was home to some very yummy cake shops………


Can you see all those delicious looking sweet treats, well we most certainly could not stop oohing and aahing and as you can see from the little fingers in the photo, there was lots of pointing and please can we get one of those…….. and it wasn’t just the children 🙂


Oh my goodness, now isn’t that an absolute delight.  All that creamy, chocolate drizzled, pastry goodness……. I would like to say that I didn’t eat all this by myself but I am sorry I simply cannot, it was so delicious and such a treat.  We each chose our own treat and sat by the waterfront to eat them and look out over the water (which I have missed so much).

Then we drove around and took in some sights.  Even with my worries – with how my Grandmother was doing, I was determined to make this unexpected trip an adventure for the children as they are simply too young to truly understand.  The day was a bit grey and blustery so mostly we stayed inside the car with a little walk and look around to stretch our legs from time to time.


Lots of pretty green parks, and the Ferry in the background, you can just see it in the hazy grey fog, was very cold coming from the warm outback of 34 degrees, and straight into well below 20 degrees, time to bring out our warm clothes and scarfs.


I also love all the old buildings, and structures.  It really is a pretty area near the pier.


I managed to snap these pictures as my husband drove us slowly along the waterfront road.

Melbourne-Tram-Line copy

And of course the tram lines always fascinate us, the little ones found these very interesting indeed.  It really was a very cloudy, grey, cold wintry type of day.

Spirit-of-Tasmania copy

Then finally it came time to drive down onto the pier and board the Ferry.  A patch of blue sky came out to see us off.   There it is the Spirit of Tasmania, my boys were super excited to say the least, they loved it.

It seems funny, writing about all this now, now that we are home and trying to settle back into our routine.  That and missing everyone immensely.  I am glad for the time that we could spend with Grandma and our family, as family are a very important part of my life.  Hopefully I will be able to blog some more this week, as I have more to share from our time in Tasmania.


My Weekly Monday Ripple Blanket Update


Several rows of ripple have been done each day this week, I am still enjoying this project very much.  Spent a couple of nights snuggled up with a cuppa and a little Easter egg or two.


Even managed to sneak some ripple time in whilst enjoying a family movie.  Look how long it is now, I can actually snuggle under it whilst I ripple some more rows – so wonderfully comfy already.


Here it is all folded up…… yes it is getting much larger now, all folded up in a large bundle of ripply goodness.   I do look forward to finishing this blanket so that it can keep us warm and snuggly over the cooler months, however I am very much going to miss working those ripples….. might be time to start deciding on the next project, although I think I still have a few weeks left on this one yet.

Enjoy xx



Today I decided to get outside into my garden, and try to clear my mind, I often forget to see everything that is around me.  I grabbed my camera and would like to take you on a walk around my yard.   We have one huge big palm tree as you can see above, standing tall against a bright blue sun shiny day, speckled with fluffy white clouds.


The lavender is out in bloom, five bushes of lovely colour and fragrant smell.  No bees today doing their thing, maybe its the wrong time of year for them – I have no idea.  When we first moved here the bees were buzzing around madly collecting pollen, I took many photos of them hard at work.  That was about almost 10 months ago now, maybe the bees will be back soon.


We have a Eucalyptus Tree , which has the cutest little gumnuts on it, which my little ones like to collect up as treasures.



Pretty pink buds about to bloom…………..


Bloom into these little flowers, not sure what they are as I really am not a green thumb.  Whatever they are, they spread effectively, and have made a thick cover over a side garden bed.


A splash of brightness with  little red ride-in foot powered cars, oh how my little ones have so much fun in these, endless hours of laughter and good times.


A tour of our yard would  not be complete without a photo of our little ones collection of outdoor trucks………… they love love their Tonka trucks.  These trucks get a lot of use, and are still going strong.

We live in the Australian Outback, where we have dry weather, and many hot days, at the moment they are slowly but surely starting to cool down, seeing that Autumn is now upon us.  Today we put our clocks back an hour, to mark the end of Daylights Savings, the nights are darker earlier, and therefore our mornings will also start earlier.

This is our backyard, hope you enjoyed having a look around.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy xx

Play Dough

Time to make some new play dough here, I like that you can make this easily at home with ingredients from the pantry.  We mix all the items together, with the children picking a colour each, as we always make at least a couple of batches they like to each choose a colour, the recipe I use makes 1 nice size batch – perhaps the size of a large apple.


Here it is already to start the heating process, the stirring would have to be the least favourite part of the process but it is well worth the effort.


Because after all that stirring, you get to knead the dough until it forms a lovely texture, roll it up into a neat little ball and leave it to cool down.  I love fresh play dough, very therapeutic for me, kneading and rolling.  Not just for the little ones afer all.  Later we will have some fun play time with our fresh play dough, coming up with lots of wonderful creations.


Then I plan on spending some more time with my favourite magazine, Country Style.  It is such a lovely publication, I picked it up yesterday whilst I was at the shops, spent some time last night browsing through the wonderful pages, and intend on settling down later this afternoon to slowly read through some of the articles, with a nice warm cup of tea of course.

Enjoy your day xx

Cooking & Crochet


We started our morning here with some baking, must have been time for it, because no sooner had the cookies gone into the oven Master Two was asking if they were cooked yet, and kept bringing me the tea towel to use to get the hot tray out of the oven.  Needless to say he devoured one or two soon after they were cool enough to nibble.  We made oaty cranberry cookies, really nice.  As the day went on we decided to have pancakes for lunch, I whipped up a serve of pancakes and we treated ourselves with some maple syrup drizzled on top….. yummy.


Yesterday I decided to take a little break from my ripple blanket, and make this cute little dainty scarf that I came across on Pinterest.  It is a really pretty scarf, and was a nice project to undertake on a quiet day at home.  I started mid morning, and with a lot of stopping to make sure the little ones were happy and entertained, and of course some lunch for us all, I managed to get it done late afternoon.  Here it is ……..

scarf copy

It really is such a pretty dainty scarf, am very happy with how out it turned out and can see it getting much use in the coming cooler months.  It is also the first item that I have made from a Pinterest Link, well other than children’s crafts that is – been plenty of crafting ideas used.


How cute is this little Lego, Master Four made this for me whilst I was cooking tea.  He came and kindly presented me with it, and I suggested he take a photo for Mummy, which he was very happy to do.  I think he done a really good job with his photo too.


This is what I was cooking up for tea, some savoury chicken and vegetable pastries.  They were really nice, we served them with some steamed rice for something a bit different.  This photo shows what was left over, the recipe made lots….. was wondering when a note at the bottom said that they were suitable for freezing.  Am thinking we will have these ones for lunch tomorrow…….

Ripple Progress

ripple time

Managed to spend some time each evening this week adding rows of ripple to my blanket.  It really is coming along now, am starting to finish off my first balls of yarn which means progress is well and truly being made.  I now have 68 rows of ripple completed yay!!  Am thinking my blanket is maybe just over halfway, as I really want it to be roughly single bed size.  Nice and snuggly.



Here it is, 68 rows of ripply delight.  Makes me smile, it really does.  Now if I stay on track it will be finished before the chilly weather gets here, that is the plan anyway.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, enjoy xx