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We started our morning here with some baking, must have been time for it, because no sooner had the cookies gone into the oven Master Two was asking if they were cooked yet, and kept bringing me the tea towel to use to get the hot tray out of the oven.  Needless to say he devoured one or two soon after they were cool enough to nibble.  We made oaty cranberry cookies, really nice.  As the day went on we decided to have pancakes for lunch, I whipped up a serve of pancakes and we treated ourselves with some maple syrup drizzled on top….. yummy.


Yesterday I decided to take a little break from my ripple blanket, and make this cute little dainty scarf that I came across on Pinterest.  It is a really pretty scarf, and was a nice project to undertake on a quiet day at home.  I started mid morning, and with a lot of stopping to make sure the little ones were happy and entertained, and of course some lunch for us all, I managed to get it done late afternoon.  Here it is ……..

scarf copy

It really is such a pretty dainty scarf, am very happy with how out it turned out and can see it getting much use in the coming cooler months.  It is also the first item that I have made from a Pinterest Link, well other than children’s crafts that is – been plenty of crafting ideas used.


How cute is this little Lego, Master Four made this for me whilst I was cooking tea.  He came and kindly presented me with it, and I suggested he take a photo for Mummy, which he was very happy to do.  I think he done a really good job with his photo too.


This is what I was cooking up for tea, some savoury chicken and vegetable pastries.  They were really nice, we served them with some steamed rice for something a bit different.  This photo shows what was left over, the recipe made lots….. was wondering when a note at the bottom said that they were suitable for freezing.  Am thinking we will have these ones for lunch tomorrow…….


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