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Play Dough

Time to make some new play dough here, I like that you can make this easily at home with ingredients from the pantry.  We mix all the items together, with the children picking a colour each, as we always make at least a couple of batches they like to each choose a colour, the recipe I use makes 1 nice size batch – perhaps the size of a large apple.


Here it is already to start the heating process, the stirring would have to be the least favourite part of the process but it is well worth the effort.


Because after all that stirring, you get to knead the dough until it forms a lovely texture, roll it up into a neat little ball and leave it to cool down.  I love fresh play dough, very therapeutic for me, kneading and rolling.  Not just for the little ones afer all.  Later we will have some fun play time with our fresh play dough, coming up with lots of wonderful creations.


Then I plan on spending some more time with my favourite magazine, Country Style.  It is such a lovely publication, I picked it up yesterday whilst I was at the shops, spent some time last night browsing through the wonderful pages, and intend on settling down later this afternoon to slowly read through some of the articles, with a nice warm cup of tea of course.

Enjoy your day xx


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