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Today I decided to get outside into my garden, and try to clear my mind, I often forget to see everything that is around me.  I grabbed my camera and would like to take you on a walk around my yard.   We have one huge big palm tree as you can see above, standing tall against a bright blue sun shiny day, speckled with fluffy white clouds.


The lavender is out in bloom, five bushes of lovely colour and fragrant smell.  No bees today doing their thing, maybe its the wrong time of year for them – I have no idea.  When we first moved here the bees were buzzing around madly collecting pollen, I took many photos of them hard at work.  That was about almost 10 months ago now, maybe the bees will be back soon.


We have a Eucalyptus Tree , which has the cutest little gumnuts on it, which my little ones like to collect up as treasures.



Pretty pink buds about to bloom…………..


Bloom into these little flowers, not sure what they are as I really am not a green thumb.  Whatever they are, they spread effectively, and have made a thick cover over a side garden bed.


A splash of brightness with  little red ride-in foot powered cars, oh how my little ones have so much fun in these, endless hours of laughter and good times.


A tour of our yard would  not be complete without a photo of our little ones collection of outdoor trucks………… they love love their Tonka trucks.  These trucks get a lot of use, and are still going strong.

We live in the Australian Outback, where we have dry weather, and many hot days, at the moment they are slowly but surely starting to cool down, seeing that Autumn is now upon us.  Today we put our clocks back an hour, to mark the end of Daylights Savings, the nights are darker earlier, and therefore our mornings will also start earlier.

This is our backyard, hope you enjoyed having a look around.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy xx


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