A Farewell


We have been super busy here this last few weeks, which I may have mentioned once or twice.  I am happy to say I can share my news, which is that We Are Moving!!!  We will no longer be residents of the Outback – I still cannot believe it!  After 7 years living in the Australian Outback, we spent 5-6 years in Outback Western Australia, and this past year we have been in Outback SA.  It is going to be a huge change for us, but I am certainly hoping it will be a positive change for us all.  Lots to see and do, excitement is starting to hit home.

This explains my absence from posting this last week, and I may not be able to post over the next week – will have to see if I can figure it out on our portable devices.  However I will most certainly be documenting our travels and will make a blog post when I first get a chance.  Super busy few weeks coming up.

Enjoy xx


A New Cowl


I am enjoying learning to knit, once everyone is settled for the night and all is quiet I take my yarn and needle and create.  My latest project is a Cowl, another lovely pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It introduced me to double point needles or cable needles they may be called.  It was interesting, and took a bit of fiddling around to manage all three needles at once.  I remember my Mum was knitting some beanies using four of these double point needles, that must take a little time to get used to.


After a few nights I started to make some progress, and felt that I would soon have it finished.  It is nice to see a pattern take shape, and even nicer when it looks like it should.  Once it was complete and it came time to stitch it together, I had to google the instructions for the Kitchener stitch join in, however I really did not have much luck with this, not sure if it was because it was late at night, or I just did not have the patience this day to sit and persevere,  because I just was not getting it right, and I regret to say that I gave up and joined it in a basic stitch together.  So my cowl does have a clear join, and this will have to sit at the back of the neck, it still looks nice so I am happy with this.  However I will not give up on the Kitchener stitch and I think when I get time I will sit down with some different coloured yarns and do up a sample swatch to see what is going on, and if I can master it.


Ta-dah……… My New Cowl, I quite like it and think it will be put to good use soon as the weather is definitely starting to cool down.  My task for today is to give this a gentle handwash, and once it is nice and dry, I can pop it in the drawer with my winter woolens, won’t be long and I will be making good use of all these new projects.

Enjoy xx


This past week has been a busy one, you see we had a wonderful cause for celebration.  Our youngest turned the big 3, I cannot believe how big my boys are growing.  Time seems to be going so very fast.  We had a lovely day, filled with lots of play time with some new toys, happy boys and happy Mum.


I have always tried to keep to my own tradition of making my boys birthday cakes, it makes it that little bit more special for them (and me).  In the weeks leading up to Birthdays we look through cake books with the boys choosing their favourites.  At the moment a favourite in our household is the Octonauts, there really was no other choice this year for the theme of our cake.  I set about trying to find a design that was within my capacity of cake making, which I admit I am not the greatest at but we don’t mind, just putting in the effort is appreciated and seeing their little faces light up when they see the finished product makes it so worth the effort.


Here is our little Octopus, was so much fun making this cake with my little ones checking in time and again to check my progress.  When I got to the cutting out of this little guy, my Four year old was observing and chatting into my ear telling me how good I was for using my patience and taking my time….. they really do make me laugh, and it is nice to know my words of encouragement are being absorbed and passed on.


Birthday boy loved his cake, truly he did.  And thought it would be nice to add some Octonaut characters, and I think they worked well.

birthday-cake copya

A lovely fun Happy Birthday.  I wonder what cake design will be coming up in the next few months time when we celebrate another Birthday.

For now, my boys are having a wonderful time playing with these cute little characters, and I am off to do some more knitting.

Enjoy xx

Handmade Goodness


Managed to do some more knitting last night, the weather here cooled off greatly once the evening sky darkened and I found myself hunting out the couch blanket from the linen cupboard.    I snuggled up on the couch nice and cosy under our blanket, with my yarn and needle I started the final row of my scarf, and it was in no time that I was able to begin that wonderful task of binding off.


Very nice feeling, knowing that completion is within grasp, and to see the binding forming a nice neat edge.  Was getting a bit giddy with excitement at this stage, to see all those stitches leaving the needle.


Almost there, and hoping that I have done it correctly.  I really did have some frustrating moments learning the stitches.  I can certainly say it has been a good learning experience, many new stitches learnt on this project.


Here is a peak of the finished product, almost done just need to block it.  I am hoping to be able to get this last part done tomorrow, was a bit busy today.  Lots of washing, and general tasks around the house.


And there was bread to bake, I came across a recipe for sourdough yesterday and thought I would give it a go.  I have never made homemade bread before so this was all new to me, starting the process yesterday so that the yeast could do its thing overnight.


Then baked it in the oven today,  it turned out quite yummy.  A nice first attempt, we had some whilst it was still warm spread with butter, and served up with a nice warm cup of tea.  Might try some other varieties of bread in the future and see how I go.

Having already decided on my next knitting project, which again has some new techniques, figure that I might as well keep on learning and it seems that this knitting thing is rather catching.  I am not able to do any during the day but nights are long and knitting is the perfect way to spend the evenings once everyone else is settled and sleeping soundly.  So now I am off to get everything settled, and make a cup of tea to go with my knitting.

Enjoy xx

Knitting Progress


Making slow progress on my knitting this last week, mainly because I have found the last part the hardest and many hours have been spent undoing my hard work, but I expected this at the beginning.  I will get there, surely but slowly I will get there.  Since starting knitting along the side I have had trouble getting the pattern to develop properly, but I am hoping I am on the right track now…. please please.


Allowed myself a nice Iced Coffee break for my efforts, boys had Iced Chocolate and we all enjoyed them very much.  We made them here at home, as a special treat.


Then later in the evening when the house was settled and quiet, I allowed myself some more knitting time.  Pajamas, cup of tea, favourite tv show, snuggled on the couch with my yarn and away I went, hoping perhaps tonight I might be able to do some more and get closer to the finish line, wouldn’t that be nice.  But for now, we have lots to do around our home.

Enjoy xx

Baking Days and Outback Sunsets


Lots of yummy baking being done here today, cleaning out the Pantry.  A nice date loaf, some oaty cranberry cookies, and some toll house cookies, very delicious.  All the cookie tins are re-stocked and being enjoyed.  The Toll House Cookies recipe makes such a fluffy creamy mixture, a real pleasure to bake (and to eat).


I even managed to have a slice of date loaf still warm from the oven, spread with butter and served up with a hot cup of milky tea.  Was lovely indeed.


We had the most beautiful sunset this week, I went out to grab the last of the washing off the line and couldn’t help but notice the colour of the sky, so bright and vibrant.  I went back inside and grabbed my camera and tried to capture it as best I could, then stayed outside and watched the colours changing.

Lots happening here this week and we are very busy.  I have been trying to take time of an evening to get back to my knitting, which is progressing well now and will post some more photos soon.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Enjoy xx

A Morning on the River

Today I would like to share some more photos from our trip back home to Tasmania.  My husband and I left over 5 years ago, but we still call Tassie home, and miss it very much.  The beautiful landscape, and the fact that nowhere is far from the water.  On our recent rip, we spent a short morning on the water, and I managed to take a few photos, these I would like to share today.


First up the landscape always take my breath away, such a serene setting on this day, the sun was shining through the clouds and everything looked very tranquil indeed.  Have you noticed that my photos are now nice and large, I finally figured out how to make them bigger on here yay!!


On past the iconic Batman Bridge, linking the East and West Tamar Highways along the Tamar River.


It was nice and relaxing, sitting up on the deck, watching the boys explore and making sure that they didn’t lean too far over to watch the jelly fish floating past.  Can you spot the Church in the background, not far from the foreshore.


Here it is, such a pretty Church.  The Auld Kirk, it was built in 1845-1846, and still stands strong and proud.  It has seen a lot of history this old Church, including a very special moment in time for my family, you see this is the Church where my parents were married, many years ago.  This is the first thought that always comes to mind whenever we pass by.


And this is the old Lighthouse, which sits on the banks below the Church.  I remember taking photos of this area in the past, never ceases to catch my interest, these older structures and buildings. , I really should look more into the history of this area.


Focusing back onto the boat, lots of workings, ropes and wires.   Don’t ask me what they do, as I really have no idea, my husband on the other hand, he loves to sail, he used to spend a lot of time sailing when we were younger, doing many Melbourne to Hobart Yacht races, and one or maybe two Sydney to Hobart races.   Feels like a life-time ago, those pre-children years, hard to believe they were not always here with us, keeping us on our toes, and warming our hearts.  It is wonderful how children look at things, everything is an adventure, to be explored and discovered.


Which brings me to the jelly fish that were floating about in the water, the boys were fascinated with them.  They had big crosses on them, which made them even more interesting to the children, and try as I might I just could not get them on the camera very well, but I certainly tried.  The photo is really not good at all and  I apologise for the poor quality, but I know that it was a part of the day, and when they see this photo it will bring the memories back for them, just as it has for me.


And once more, the long standing Batman Bridge.  This brings an end to our morning on the River, I do hope you enjoyed coming along with me.  I am off now to make a cuppa and a sandwich, hope you all have a lovely day.

Enjoy xx