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Beauty in Nature

It came to our last few days in Tasmania, and I realised I had not yet stopped to take some photos of the area surrounding the park that we were staying in.  I kept reminding myself every time we drove in or out, yet I really needed to just pull up, grab my camera and explore.  And this is exactly what I did


First up is the entrance, it is such a beautiful drive way, an arch of large old pine trees.  I love this entrance, one reason being that is holds many child hood memories for me, as this is where we stayed as we were growing up.  We spent many holidays here exploring, learning new things, making new friends.  Such a wonderful time was had, and now here I am bringing my own children here to play and explore, just as I once did.   Although I must say it was a bit too cold to do much exploring, but we still had a lovely time in our camper, we do love our little camper.


We spent a short time wondering over these pine cones which had fallen from those jolly big pine trees, the ground was scattered with pine needles also, lots of fun for little ones, and not so little ones.  I remember collecting pine cones as a child and using them for craft projects…..


A freshly fallen pine cone, still green and yet to dry out and open up.


This beautiful old tree stands at the end of the arch of Pine trees.  It really caught my attention, a bit gnarly with character.  All worn and weathered, yet standing tall and proud.   It can get very windy here, in fact we had to pack our camper up a night early, as we had severe damaging wind warnings, and our poor little camper would not fair well in those conditions.


And our camping trip was not complete without wildlife, these wombats came out every night for a feed, along with wallabies, and possums.  The children thought they were wonderful.  We admired them from a distance, then we found out that the wombats –  they were not timid at all and certainly did not move away from you.   You see, we had to walk by them to get to the shower block, and I thought they would wander off when they seen us slowly approaching but no, they did stop eating however,  but only to give you a side look and make sure you moved around them.  I must admit I was a little daunted by them at first, but they were simply happy to eat and stroll, funny characters they are.

I am glad I took the time with my camera to collect these photos, it is nice to look back on the memories we make.  I think it also makes you take a check of your surroundings, and see things that you might otherwise miss.

There is something else that I learnt on our trip, and that was in the creative field….. you see I learnt to Knit, and I love it.  We spent a fair amount of time sitting with family, spending time together, and my Mum was knitting some winter beanies, and I thought no better time to learn…….. more on this tomorrow xx

Enjoy xx


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