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Learning to Knit

I mentioned yesterday that whilst we were back in Tasmania I learnt something new, a new creative talent……. I learnt to knit, after all these years of thinking it was out of my grasp!!!  I can now happily add beginner knitter to my list of interests.

My mum has been knitting up a storm of beanies ready for winter, a couple for herself, some for my little niece and nephew, and also my sister in-law….. yes she has been very busy indeed.  So I decided what better time to learn than when having someone very experienced to guide me on my way.  I picked out some wool, and took to Ravelry to choose a pattern (sooo many lovely patterns to choose from).  Finally after making my choice and casting on, I began, I found it handy using a little printout of knitting how-to, which I used as a guide, and also having Mum nearby helped a lot saved me from throwing it aside.  (Thankyou Mum xx)


Once I got into the rhythm of the pattern, I really enjoyed myself, and picked it up often during our trip. I do admire all those little stitches that come together so neatly.   It is nice to watch the pattern come together.  Can you see those teeny tiny little toes nestled in beside me, nice and cosy, my little one and I were tucked up together in the arm chair.  It was lovely.  The weather had turned very cold just before we arrived, and my parents had a lovely fire going to warm up the house…. worked a treat.


It took me a while, to say the least….. .but I did it!!!  I completed my first knitting project, even attached some sweet little buttons like in the pattern.   Makes a lovely and warm hat, and I do plan on making another just need to take the time and find a pattern.  Although I tend to get side-tracked on Ravelry, it is a wonderful source for yarn lovers, for both knitting and crochet.  With winter coming up, I think I will be needing some more knitting/crochet projects.  Now I thought I had best post a photo of me wearing my hat because you cannot truly see what it looks like when it is not being worn.   My first selfie photo for my blog…. eeekk.   Also whilst we were in Tassie, I took  some rare alone time and used it to visit the hairdresser and get a new style….. yes I got my rather long hair snipped off !!!!  I have been wanting to do this for some time now, and decided it was now or never……


Ta-dah….. my first knitting project, complete and a success surprisingly considering my past efforts many years ago.  I like it, I really do, and will be making good use of it this Winter.  I now hope that I can make some more items in the coming months….. perhaps some beanies for the little ones.

Enjoy xx


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