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A New Knitting Project

Since completing my first knitting project, I have been searching for a new item to start upon.  However I was having trouble finding something, every pattern I liked seemed to use circular needles, and I found this a bit daunting, but in the end I just gave in and went with it.  I decided upon my pattern, being sure to check the knitting stitches to make sure I knew them, and all was good.  The pattern looks really nice and has some lovely detail, so really I should have know there would be more to it than those simple stitches stated on the beginning page.


I downloaded the pattern, printed it out, selected my wool, grabbed my circular needles, and sat down with a cuppa to embark on this new mission…………. one row later and I was back at the computer and googling an assortment of knitting stitches.   You see, there is so many new stitches on this pattern that I had no idea about at all, and I soon forgot all about the daunting circular needles.  Google became my knitting companion, finding clear instructions and printing them out for each stitch, thank goodness I put new ink in the printer just recently.  Back to my knitting I went, armed with half a dozen pages to tackle those new stitches.  I have to admit, I started and restarted the first 10 rows about 6 times……. but I was not giving in !!!

Winter berries scarf setting up

Then all of a sudden something clicked into place, and the rhythm started to flow, till I had finished the little triangular setting piece, and I could see that the pattern had begun to form.  I have learnt so much by this stage already, and as confusing as that first hour or so was, it has been well worth it.  I only knew how to cast on, knit, purl, which I enjoyed.  Now I am also knitting and purling into the back of the stitches, slipping stitches, yarn over, making stitches, and another one where you bring stitches over the top of others??  And I know there is some more new stitches for me coming up still, I just hope I can do these without causing any dramas with my project.

Being Sunday, I managed to get some knitting done into the evening, and made some nice progress.


It is coming along nicely, and hopefully once all is done and settled I may even get some more done today at some stage, maybe later tonight.

Oh if anyone is interested, I got the pattern from Ravelry.  It is called Winter Berries scarf and is absolutely adorable.  Just hoping I can do the pattern as nicely as those pictured.

Today I am off to do some sorting and tidying…..

Enjoy xx


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