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Baking Days and Outback Sunsets


Lots of yummy baking being done here today, cleaning out the Pantry.  A nice date loaf, some oaty cranberry cookies, and some toll house cookies, very delicious.  All the cookie tins are re-stocked and being enjoyed.  The Toll House Cookies recipe makes such a fluffy creamy mixture, a real pleasure to bake (and to eat).


I even managed to have a slice of date loaf still warm from the oven, spread with butter and served up with a hot cup of milky tea.  Was lovely indeed.


We had the most beautiful sunset this week, I went out to grab the last of the washing off the line and couldn’t help but notice the colour of the sky, so bright and vibrant.  I went back inside and grabbed my camera and tried to capture it as best I could, then stayed outside and watched the colours changing.

Lots happening here this week and we are very busy.  I have been trying to take time of an evening to get back to my knitting, which is progressing well now and will post some more photos soon.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Enjoy xx


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