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Knitting Progress


Making slow progress on my knitting this last week, mainly because I have found the last part the hardest and many hours have been spent undoing my hard work, but I expected this at the beginning.  I will get there, surely but slowly I will get there.  Since starting knitting along the side I have had trouble getting the pattern to develop properly, but I am hoping I am on the right track now…. please please.


Allowed myself a nice Iced Coffee break for my efforts, boys had Iced Chocolate and we all enjoyed them very much.  We made them here at home, as a special treat.


Then later in the evening when the house was settled and quiet, I allowed myself some more knitting time.  Pajamas, cup of tea, favourite tv show, snuggled on the couch with my yarn and away I went, hoping perhaps tonight I might be able to do some more and get closer to the finish line, wouldn’t that be nice.  But for now, we have lots to do around our home.

Enjoy xx


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