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Handmade Goodness


Managed to do some more knitting last night, the weather here cooled off greatly once the evening sky darkened and I found myself hunting out the couch blanket from the linen cupboard.    I snuggled up on the couch nice and cosy under our blanket, with my yarn and needle I started the final row of my scarf, and it was in no time that I was able to begin that wonderful task of binding off.


Very nice feeling, knowing that completion is within grasp, and to see the binding forming a nice neat edge.  Was getting a bit giddy with excitement at this stage, to see all those stitches leaving the needle.


Almost there, and hoping that I have done it correctly.  I really did have some frustrating moments learning the stitches.  I can certainly say it has been a good learning experience, many new stitches learnt on this project.


Here is a peak of the finished product, almost done just need to block it.  I am hoping to be able to get this last part done tomorrow, was a bit busy today.  Lots of washing, and general tasks around the house.


And there was bread to bake, I came across a recipe for sourdough yesterday and thought I would give it a go.  I have never made homemade bread before so this was all new to me, starting the process yesterday so that the yeast could do its thing overnight.


Then baked it in the oven today,  it turned out quite yummy.  A nice first attempt, we had some whilst it was still warm spread with butter, and served up with a nice warm cup of tea.  Might try some other varieties of bread in the future and see how I go.

Having already decided on my next knitting project, which again has some new techniques, figure that I might as well keep on learning and it seems that this knitting thing is rather catching.  I am not able to do any during the day but nights are long and knitting is the perfect way to spend the evenings once everyone else is settled and sleeping soundly.  So now I am off to get everything settled, and make a cup of tea to go with my knitting.

Enjoy xx


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