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This past week has been a busy one, you see we had a wonderful cause for celebration.  Our youngest turned the big 3, I cannot believe how big my boys are growing.  Time seems to be going so very fast.  We had a lovely day, filled with lots of play time with some new toys, happy boys and happy Mum.


I have always tried to keep to my own tradition of making my boys birthday cakes, it makes it that little bit more special for them (and me).  In the weeks leading up to Birthdays we look through cake books with the boys choosing their favourites.  At the moment a favourite in our household is the Octonauts, there really was no other choice this year for the theme of our cake.  I set about trying to find a design that was within my capacity of cake making, which I admit I am not the greatest at but we don’t mind, just putting in the effort is appreciated and seeing their little faces light up when they see the finished product makes it so worth the effort.


Here is our little Octopus, was so much fun making this cake with my little ones checking in time and again to check my progress.  When I got to the cutting out of this little guy, my Four year old was observing and chatting into my ear telling me how good I was for using my patience and taking my time….. they really do make me laugh, and it is nice to know my words of encouragement are being absorbed and passed on.


Birthday boy loved his cake, truly he did.  And thought it would be nice to add some Octonaut characters, and I think they worked well.

birthday-cake copya

A lovely fun Happy Birthday.  I wonder what cake design will be coming up in the next few months time when we celebrate another Birthday.

For now, my boys are having a wonderful time playing with these cute little characters, and I am off to do some more knitting.

Enjoy xx


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