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A New Cowl


I am enjoying learning to knit, once everyone is settled for the night and all is quiet I take my yarn and needle and create.  My latest project is a Cowl, another lovely pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It introduced me to double point needles or cable needles they may be called.  It was interesting, and took a bit of fiddling around to manage all three needles at once.  I remember my Mum was knitting some beanies using four of these double point needles, that must take a little time to get used to.


After a few nights I started to make some progress, and felt that I would soon have it finished.  It is nice to see a pattern take shape, and even nicer when it looks like it should.  Once it was complete and it came time to stitch it together, I had to google the instructions for the Kitchener stitch join in, however I really did not have much luck with this, not sure if it was because it was late at night, or I just did not have the patience this day to sit and persevere,  because I just was not getting it right, and I regret to say that I gave up and joined it in a basic stitch together.  So my cowl does have a clear join, and this will have to sit at the back of the neck, it still looks nice so I am happy with this.  However I will not give up on the Kitchener stitch and I think when I get time I will sit down with some different coloured yarns and do up a sample swatch to see what is going on, and if I can master it.


Ta-dah……… My New Cowl, I quite like it and think it will be put to good use soon as the weather is definitely starting to cool down.  My task for today is to give this a gentle handwash, and once it is nice and dry, I can pop it in the drawer with my winter woolens, won’t be long and I will be making good use of all these new projects.

Enjoy xx


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