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And Here We Are


We have arrived in the West of Australia…Yay!!  Was so nice to see the Coast as we flew in.  We are staying at our temporary accommodation until we find a house to move into, and where we are staying we look out over the canals, with boats moored out the front. First thing we do of a morning is take a long look out over the water………….. sooo nice, sooo nice to be near the coast.  I still cannot believe we get to look out over the water everyday, truly wonderful.  Our move has not been without dramas that is for sure, but I am determined not to focus on those parts and simply move onwards.


Our first venture out into the City, was about two days after being here.  My Husband had training scheduled for his new work, so we all piled into the car at 6.00am (yes children were still sleeping, dressed but sleeping).  We dropped hubby off at training right before starting time (oops did not allow enough time for all the traffic) and off we went to the Park…… oh how we love the Park.   Kings Park in Perth is so Beautiful, my four year old told his Dad we went to the Park with lots of Parks….. so true, so very true.  We spent a lot of time at the Childrens Park (well that’s what we call it), then Mum’s choice of a nice stroll along the botanical walk ending along the Federation Walk which overlooks the water, absolutely beautiful views, which we spent some time admiring.


This Boab Tree is at the start of our nature trail that we wondered along, admiring all the native plants and the green green grass…………


Oh so nice to see such green sprawling grass (not something you see so much of in the Outback, oh and there was no red dirt to be seen anywhere either).  I couldn’t stop admiring the views, and the Children really enjoyed themselves.


This fountain is just lovely, the statue you can see in the middle is a mother cradling her baby – truly beautiful.  There are several water fountains and they rotate between shorter bursts and this one pictured is huge, we had to wait to see it twice because my youngest loved it (and so did I).


We loved these gumnuts that had fallen from their tree.  We spent quite some time admiring these little treasures.


These pretty little flowers were such a lovely colour, they were so teensy tiny, and sweet.

I would love to spend some more time exploring these Parks, such a lovely way to spend the day (especially after such a hectic time that is moving).  Hopefully we will get back there some time in the not too distant future.

I do apologise if this post seems all over the place, kind of how my mind is at the moment, so many things going on.

For now, I might get ready to settle down and do some more knitting.  I have started a new project, and look forward to posting some details later this week.

Enjoy xx


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