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A Day at the Park

I wanted to share some more photos from our day at the Park, it really was a lovely day.  I spent some time last night looking back over the photos that I took and decided that today I would share them on here.  Please come along with me for a short journey through the native flower walk.


We loved all the different Gums/Eucalyptus trees, with their branches full of little treasures that are gum nuts.


It was early on in the day when we arrived, and the plants were still covered in their morning dew.  We liked this one with the dew collected on top of the cone.



The children and I were both intrigued and impressed by all the different native plants throughout the Park.


I am not even sure what this was, but it was so fluffy and unusual I just had to include it.


There were some lovely little flowers, teeny tiny buds on them.


This one was my favourite native flower, and it was also my last photo from our outing to the Park, a last minute snap as we walked back to our car.  I think we were all taking our time to get back to the car and leave the Park, might have to go back some time soon.

Tonight I will be uploading some photos of my new knitting project for a new blog post tomorrow. For now I am off to sit down with a nice cup of sweet tea, whilst my little ones play, and I do some more of my knitting as I am on to my second skein, which marks the half way point.

Enjoy xx


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