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Casting on

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I have started a new knitting project, another wonderful Ravlery pattern.  This time for a Honey Cowl, it is a really pretty pattern and enjoyable to knit, you can click on the link if you would like to have a go at knitting one.  The pattern has the option to make either a shorter cowl or a full length cowl.  I chose to make the longer version so that I can double it up around, to help keep the winter cold away from my neck.

photo (11)

I am really enjoying  this pattern, I have my notebook beside me to keep track of where I am up to in the pattern to save some confusion when I need to put it down, which happens quite a lot with two small ones to care for.  I am making nice progress, managing a row here and there during the day, or of an evening when all is settled.


I am at the half way point now, having just started on the second skein.  Looking forward to being able to wear it out and about, as we are heading into the colder months although I must say we have had some beautiful sun shiny days here considering we are now officially in the Winter season.  I have been looking at a few knitted tops for the little ones, and am thinking I might try….. yes try to knit  my three year old a cute little hooded top eeekkkk, it might not happen but I will endeavour to give it a go……

As for today, I am hoping we will have a nice slow paced day, as we started our day here before the sun had even risen.

Enjoy xx


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