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A Morning Stroll

It is a beautiful sunshiny day here today, a perfect day to head off on a morning stroll.  We had been planning to do this on Sunday however we awoke to rain storms and delayed our stroll til blue skies returned.  When we opened up the curtains this morning, the blue sky welcomed us outdoors and I would like to share the photos that we took on our walk with you today.


The sun is shining bright against a nearly cloudless blue sky, a lovely day for Winter.  The breeze was a bit chilly when we first headed out but after ten minutes we soon forgot about the chill and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.


Our stroll took us past a small beach, we sat here for a spell and enjoyed the environment around us.


We continued along the foreshore walkway and just happened to look down into the water and spot this little sting ray with his school of fish swimming around.  We spent some time watching this ray, and my boys thought it was fantastic (so did Mummy).


We decided to keep a lookout for more sea life, and soon came across some more fish.  These guys were not as social and soon swam away from us.  After taking a quick photo as they swam away, we continued with our stroll and came upon a cafe where we stopped for some yummy hot chocolates, much enjoyed by us all.  We happily sat, my boys keeping me entertained with their stories, whilst we sipped on our drinks.


Then it came time to make the journey back home, and of course a stroll along the waterfront is never complete without a visit from seagulls.  These ones were not bothered by us at all and happily sat and posed for photos.


On the return walk we stopped to say goodbye to Mr Stingray, who was further down the waterfront but still swimming about, he came right up to the walkway and gave us a big wave.


Then it was time to head back down these steps and along the bridge to return back home for some lunch.  This bridge is rather old but thankfully incredibly stable, however both my boys wanted to hold my hand so that Mummy did not get scared….. so very sweet.


Along the bridge we came upon this friendly little pigeon, we stayed nice and quiet and took a couple of quick photos and then kept on our way.


One last photo showing the seasonally beautiful changing colours in this big old tree.  Nice and bright against the blue sky.

Now we are back in our room, boys playing happily after tucking into some lunch, and I am about to pick up my yarn and crochet hook…… getting back into some crochet today.

Enjoy xx


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