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I may have been a bit quiet and absent lately, but I have been keeping busy.  Looking after my little ones, and when I have some down time I have been sitting and knitting.  I would like to share some of my projects with you.


I came across the pattern on Ravelry for this sweet beanie, and made the most of quiet evenings to get it made, the cabling and eyelets are so pretty together.


Mittens have been on my to do list for some time now, and I really love this pattern that I found on Ravelry.  Introduced new stitches into my knitting and really am happy with how they turned out.  Nice and warm in this wet and blustery weather we have been having here lately.


My next project was to help me start on larger projects of the clothing kind.  I decided to simply give it a go, and to start small, I found a pattern that was on my to do list and it came in a baby size, I cast on and armed with some print outs I took to it, and it really didn’t take long to come together, and whilst the stitching isn’t perfect, I now know which areas I need to work on.  It was definitely a learning curve and I am glad I took the challenge.   It may not have turned out perfect, however I do feel it looks perfectly sweet on this Teddy that I made a few years back now.   This little vest is a very popular pattern, called the Milo Vest, also on Ravelry.


One of the areas I found that I needed to work on before tackling the vest in a larger size, was the garter stitch section.  I felt that I need to make my stitches more uniform and consistent, so I found this pattern for the perfect project to practice my garter stitch.  It is a little knitted beach hut door stop from The Wool Sanctuary.  I found lots of lovely patterns available, and can see myself visiting this website again when I have finished this cute stripey beach hut.  I can see that my stitches are improving with each piece that I complete, so this is a winner as not only is my knitting improving but I will also have a lovely new door stop for my home.


And my next cast on involves this delightful yarn which has finally arrived for me to start a lovely knit along cardigan, but more on this one later.  If you would like a sneak peek, I am on instagram under seashellsandoutbacktales, and have posted some snapshots of my project so far, it is coming along nicely.

This is what I have been up to other the last month or so, keeping my mind busy with projects, because when I have quiet time to myself, my mind wonders a bit too much lately.  Knitting is a nice way to fill these quiet moments, and having handmade items is so very heartwarming for me.  Now I am off to get settled for the evening and perhaps make some more progress with my cardigan.

Take care xx


5 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. I love your blog. Came across it today. Where did you live when you lived in the outback? We pack backed around Oz before kids. Went from Sydney to east coast as far as Cairns. Then back to Sydney for Christmas. We then bought a Holden Commodore which took us to Melbourne and Adelaide, up through the centre to the rock, through he red earth up to Darwin where we lived for three months and then drove down the west coast to Perth. Time then ran out. It was the best year of my entire life.
    Will come back to your blog.
    Gem x x

    • Thank you so much, we spent Five years in the Western Australian outback up above Perth, and then One Year in outback South Australia, above Adelaide, now we have settled back by the sea near Perth, I find myself absently staring out over the water quite a lot after being away so long. Sounds like you had an amazing journey travelling around Australia. There is so many beautiful spots to visit isn’t there.
      Thank you for visiting my blog xx

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