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Spring is Blossoming

I am enjoying the beginning of Spring.  With its lovely blue sky, white fluffy clouds, soft cool breezes and in between these the not so sunny days, the grey sky, the dark clouds and the blustery winds which are not as enjoyable.

Yesterday we had the lovely blue sky and sunshine type of Spring day and we ventured outside for some gardening and I took the opportunity to take some photos of the lovely flowers that are beginning to blossom in our garden.


This beautiful Iris standing proud.  With more green buds which will be out in bloom soon to show us their beauty.


Pretty Daisies all in a row.


Little splashes of orange to enhance all the lovely green foliage.


Red Bottlebrushes looking vibrant against the clear blue sky.


Green palm fronds, fluffy white clouds against a clear blue sky make for a lovely Spring day.

Thank you for joining me for a walk around my garden.  I am enjoying watching Spring blossom and hoping for many more clear sun shiny days when we can get outdoors and explore some more.

Take care xx


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