Beautiful Beaches

First week of School, first week of back into routines, so of course here I am sat at my computer flicking through our holiday photos whilst I should really be tending to my neglected chores………

Port sorell camping57 (640x427) (2)

But honestly I would much rather be here reminiscing the fun, relaxing times we had with family and friends, taking in this beautiful scenery…………………….

Port sorell camping2 (640x427)

Sunshine, bright blue skies, mountains, and endless clear beaches……………………………

Port sorell camping37 (640x427) (2)

Grateful to be able to get out and about and enjoy exploring this spectacular Island home we have missed………………………

We have been doing a bit of exploring lately, some camping, some day trips out and about to get off the beaten track, I will think about these trips today, and the smiles on my little ones faces as they explored the World around them, they are back at School today, learning and exploring again, and hopefully they are still having an amazing time, and have huge smiles like they did yesterday on their first day back into it.

For me I am off to do those chores, take care xx


New Year 2015

photo (2)

Wow!! I cannot believe it has been a full year since I blogged….. so much has happened and I am not sure where to start!   I have settled down at my computer with a hot cup of tea, and have been reading my own blog posts from this time last year, where it seems I was busy knitting Christmas gifts and living in Western Australia.   The biggest change in my life in the past 12 months would be the reason for my blog absence, we made the move from Western Australia all the way back to our small Island home of Tasmania, it was a huge decision, an unexpected decision, and we have been very busy ever since.

I have been missing my blog, which I had to break from due to no internet whilst in transit, then we lived in a caravan for quite some time once arriving here in Tassie, and my internet access was extremely limited.  I have been keeping up with my instagram feed however, and love to go back through my feed every now and again to look back over our journey.

With a New Year beginning, I have decided to make time to get back into my blog and am rather excited as I sit here and type, looking out over my very own vegetable garden, which has just this week started to flourish with peas and beans ready to harvest, tomatoes on the vine growing nicely, zucchini, pumpkin and capsicum in flower, and carrots all in rows.  Something I have dreamed about for years, providing for our family in our own back yard.

This past year has seen lots of change, and some of the same things……..

photo (4)

Knitting as always……..

photo (3)

Actually rather a lot of knitting especially during our first Winter back here in Tasmania.

photo (5)

Lots of baking………


A bit of exploring, and sight seeing.  Getting reacquainted with this pretty and very scenic Island we now once again call home.

We have just returned back from an impromptu camping trip, which we truly enjoyed with great friends and family.  I love the holidays, wonderful time of the year, we enjoyed an abundance of sunshine, fresh sea air and relaxing by the seaside with our little ones paddling in the water.

Now we are home sweet home, refreshed and relaxed, however it might just take a little adjusting to get back into the routine of home life…..

Thank you for reading my blog, Take care xx

Beginning a New Year

Oh my how busy has the last couple of months been, I have not had much time to sit and blog, I still have some Christmas posts to do, we had a wonderful Christmas here and I am hoping to blog about my Christmas makings soon.  I get to share all my creations now, as they have been gifted and there is no need to worry about giving the surprises away.

Today however I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, a fresh year beginning today, how exciting!

I must admit we were sound asleep before midnight, we did however pop along to the family fireworks being held on our local foreshore.  They were amazing, as my sweet boys declared “the best fireworks show ever”.










We are having a quiet day here today, just cruising about the house doing what makes us happy.

Wishing you all a wonderful, creative, happy New Year…….

Enjoy xx

And Here We Are


We have arrived in the West of Australia…Yay!!  Was so nice to see the Coast as we flew in.  We are staying at our temporary accommodation until we find a house to move into, and where we are staying we look out over the canals, with boats moored out the front. First thing we do of a morning is take a long look out over the water………….. sooo nice, sooo nice to be near the coast.  I still cannot believe we get to look out over the water everyday, truly wonderful.  Our move has not been without dramas that is for sure, but I am determined not to focus on those parts and simply move onwards.


Our first venture out into the City, was about two days after being here.  My Husband had training scheduled for his new work, so we all piled into the car at 6.00am (yes children were still sleeping, dressed but sleeping).  We dropped hubby off at training right before starting time (oops did not allow enough time for all the traffic) and off we went to the Park…… oh how we love the Park.   Kings Park in Perth is so Beautiful, my four year old told his Dad we went to the Park with lots of Parks….. so true, so very true.  We spent a lot of time at the Childrens Park (well that’s what we call it), then Mum’s choice of a nice stroll along the botanical walk ending along the Federation Walk which overlooks the water, absolutely beautiful views, which we spent some time admiring.


This Boab Tree is at the start of our nature trail that we wondered along, admiring all the native plants and the green green grass…………


Oh so nice to see such green sprawling grass (not something you see so much of in the Outback, oh and there was no red dirt to be seen anywhere either).  I couldn’t stop admiring the views, and the Children really enjoyed themselves.


This fountain is just lovely, the statue you can see in the middle is a mother cradling her baby – truly beautiful.  There are several water fountains and they rotate between shorter bursts and this one pictured is huge, we had to wait to see it twice because my youngest loved it (and so did I).


We loved these gumnuts that had fallen from their tree.  We spent quite some time admiring these little treasures.


These pretty little flowers were such a lovely colour, they were so teensy tiny, and sweet.

I would love to spend some more time exploring these Parks, such a lovely way to spend the day (especially after such a hectic time that is moving).  Hopefully we will get back there some time in the not too distant future.

I do apologise if this post seems all over the place, kind of how my mind is at the moment, so many things going on.

For now, I might get ready to settle down and do some more knitting.  I have started a new project, and look forward to posting some details later this week.

Enjoy xx

A Farewell


We have been super busy here this last few weeks, which I may have mentioned once or twice.  I am happy to say I can share my news, which is that We Are Moving!!!  We will no longer be residents of the Outback – I still cannot believe it!  After 7 years living in the Australian Outback, we spent 5-6 years in Outback Western Australia, and this past year we have been in Outback SA.  It is going to be a huge change for us, but I am certainly hoping it will be a positive change for us all.  Lots to see and do, excitement is starting to hit home.

This explains my absence from posting this last week, and I may not be able to post over the next week – will have to see if I can figure it out on our portable devices.  However I will most certainly be documenting our travels and will make a blog post when I first get a chance.  Super busy few weeks coming up.

Enjoy xx

A New Knitting Project

Since completing my first knitting project, I have been searching for a new item to start upon.  However I was having trouble finding something, every pattern I liked seemed to use circular needles, and I found this a bit daunting, but in the end I just gave in and went with it.  I decided upon my pattern, being sure to check the knitting stitches to make sure I knew them, and all was good.  The pattern looks really nice and has some lovely detail, so really I should have know there would be more to it than those simple stitches stated on the beginning page.


I downloaded the pattern, printed it out, selected my wool, grabbed my circular needles, and sat down with a cuppa to embark on this new mission…………. one row later and I was back at the computer and googling an assortment of knitting stitches.   You see, there is so many new stitches on this pattern that I had no idea about at all, and I soon forgot all about the daunting circular needles.  Google became my knitting companion, finding clear instructions and printing them out for each stitch, thank goodness I put new ink in the printer just recently.  Back to my knitting I went, armed with half a dozen pages to tackle those new stitches.  I have to admit, I started and restarted the first 10 rows about 6 times……. but I was not giving in !!!

Winter berries scarf setting up

Then all of a sudden something clicked into place, and the rhythm started to flow, till I had finished the little triangular setting piece, and I could see that the pattern had begun to form.  I have learnt so much by this stage already, and as confusing as that first hour or so was, it has been well worth it.  I only knew how to cast on, knit, purl, which I enjoyed.  Now I am also knitting and purling into the back of the stitches, slipping stitches, yarn over, making stitches, and another one where you bring stitches over the top of others??  And I know there is some more new stitches for me coming up still, I just hope I can do these without causing any dramas with my project.

Being Sunday, I managed to get some knitting done into the evening, and made some nice progress.


It is coming along nicely, and hopefully once all is done and settled I may even get some more done today at some stage, maybe later tonight.

Oh if anyone is interested, I got the pattern from Ravelry.  It is called Winter Berries scarf and is absolutely adorable.  Just hoping I can do the pattern as nicely as those pictured.

Today I am off to do some sorting and tidying…..

Enjoy xx

SeaShells & Outback Tales joins Facebook


Today I decided to create a facebook page, to allow me to post little bits and pieces in addition to my blog.  I think it will be nice having somewhere that I can post pictures and tales from during my day, as we go along.  Today it is a lovely sun shiny day here, thinking I might actually go for a stroll later with my little ones.

Here is the link for SeaShells & Outback Tales facebook page if you are interested in following along.

Enjoy your day xx