New Year 2015

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Wow!! I cannot believe it has been a full year since I blogged….. so much has happened and I am not sure where to start!   I have settled down at my computer with a hot cup of tea, and have been reading my own blog posts from this time last year, where it seems I was busy knitting Christmas gifts and living in Western Australia.   The biggest change in my life in the past 12 months would be the reason for my blog absence, we made the move from Western Australia all the way back to our small Island home of Tasmania, it was a huge decision, an unexpected decision, and we have been very busy ever since.

I have been missing my blog, which I had to break from due to no internet whilst in transit, then we lived in a caravan for quite some time once arriving here in Tassie, and my internet access was extremely limited.  I have been keeping up with my instagram feed however, and love to go back through my feed every now and again to look back over our journey.

With a New Year beginning, I have decided to make time to get back into my blog and am rather excited as I sit here and type, looking out over my very own vegetable garden, which has just this week started to flourish with peas and beans ready to harvest, tomatoes on the vine growing nicely, zucchini, pumpkin and capsicum in flower, and carrots all in rows.  Something I have dreamed about for years, providing for our family in our own back yard.

This past year has seen lots of change, and some of the same things……..

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Knitting as always……..

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Actually rather a lot of knitting especially during our first Winter back here in Tasmania.

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Lots of baking………


A bit of exploring, and sight seeing.  Getting reacquainted with this pretty and very scenic Island we now once again call home.

We have just returned back from an impromptu camping trip, which we truly enjoyed with great friends and family.  I love the holidays, wonderful time of the year, we enjoyed an abundance of sunshine, fresh sea air and relaxing by the seaside with our little ones paddling in the water.

Now we are home sweet home, refreshed and relaxed, however it might just take a little adjusting to get back into the routine of home life…..

Thank you for reading my blog, Take care xx


Crochet, Baking and a Bicycle Ride

Busy days here this week, lots of running about to get things sorted out.  But it is all done for now and I have been able to sit and craft in between errands.  I had been meaning to make a liner for the bottom of my bicycle basket for weeks now…… and finally managed to find a sweet little pattern to adapt to suit my basket.   So I grabbed my crochet tub, sat out on the patio with the fresh sea breeze blowing gently and hooked up a little rectangle of pure crochet goodness……


I hooked up six circles, in colours to suit my bicycle, love the splashes of vibrant colour.  Then I added the border, I had never done this join as you go method before, once I got the hang of it, it was rather enjoyable.


It was really good once I got a couple circles joined together, and could see in my mind the finished product.  And with this, I decided to change a couple of the circles and make them all include pink…… such pretty pops of colour.


Tah-dah……………….. here it is all finished and ready to pop into my bicycle basket.  I am really happy with how it turned out and it suits my bicycle nicely.

Pattern can be found here if you are interested, it is called flowers in the snow…… perfect name.


There may have been an interval…… to bake some delicious fresh banana bread…… hmmm was rather yummy indeed…… more to be made this week I feel……


Here is my splash of colour basket liner, all in place, and ready to ride…….. makes me smile taking some hooky crochet goodness with me on my bicycle rides.


I was much later than usual last night, heading off for some exercise.  But now that I am in the habit, I refused to let my day pass without making the effort…… and for my effort I got to see the last nights beautiful sunset over the ocean…… bliss……

Take care xx

Baking Day

This last week has seen us finally get a new oven installed, the old one gave out weeks ago and it was a bit of a process to get a new one.  But it is all sorted now and since I took time out to clean and tidy the pantry yesterday I decided to do some baking with my supplies today.



First up was this delicious ginger crunch slice, my boys both enjoyed some and happily informed me that it tastes really yummy just like gingerbread men.



There was a lot of crumbs left in the tray from cutting the ginger crunch, so I poured it all into a little jar and am thinking it might be nice sprinkled over vanilla ice-cream later in the week.



And next was my very first attempt at Chocolate Brownies, made with dark, milk and white chocolate.  It smelt divine whilst cooking and I must say has turned out fantastic.  Very yummy indeed.  I think next baking day I might need to add some savoury as well, although we don’t cook a lot of very sweet treats like these brownies so I think this is fine.

I have also been busy with my crochet hook, whipping up some wash cloths and have managed to make a small start on a dish cloth today.  I am hoping to be able to gift some for Christmas presents, and I am adding myself to the list as well, I mean I really should make some for myself to know that they are nice to receive as a gift…… right….. thats my idea anyway.   Now I might make a cup of tea, and settle down for a short time to do some more dishcloth making.

Take care xx


Handmade Goodness


Managed to do some more knitting last night, the weather here cooled off greatly once the evening sky darkened and I found myself hunting out the couch blanket from the linen cupboard.    I snuggled up on the couch nice and cosy under our blanket, with my yarn and needle I started the final row of my scarf, and it was in no time that I was able to begin that wonderful task of binding off.


Very nice feeling, knowing that completion is within grasp, and to see the binding forming a nice neat edge.  Was getting a bit giddy with excitement at this stage, to see all those stitches leaving the needle.


Almost there, and hoping that I have done it correctly.  I really did have some frustrating moments learning the stitches.  I can certainly say it has been a good learning experience, many new stitches learnt on this project.


Here is a peak of the finished product, almost done just need to block it.  I am hoping to be able to get this last part done tomorrow, was a bit busy today.  Lots of washing, and general tasks around the house.


And there was bread to bake, I came across a recipe for sourdough yesterday and thought I would give it a go.  I have never made homemade bread before so this was all new to me, starting the process yesterday so that the yeast could do its thing overnight.


Then baked it in the oven today,  it turned out quite yummy.  A nice first attempt, we had some whilst it was still warm spread with butter, and served up with a nice warm cup of tea.  Might try some other varieties of bread in the future and see how I go.

Having already decided on my next knitting project, which again has some new techniques, figure that I might as well keep on learning and it seems that this knitting thing is rather catching.  I am not able to do any during the day but nights are long and knitting is the perfect way to spend the evenings once everyone else is settled and sleeping soundly.  So now I am off to get everything settled, and make a cup of tea to go with my knitting.

Enjoy xx

Baking Days and Outback Sunsets


Lots of yummy baking being done here today, cleaning out the Pantry.  A nice date loaf, some oaty cranberry cookies, and some toll house cookies, very delicious.  All the cookie tins are re-stocked and being enjoyed.  The Toll House Cookies recipe makes such a fluffy creamy mixture, a real pleasure to bake (and to eat).


I even managed to have a slice of date loaf still warm from the oven, spread with butter and served up with a hot cup of milky tea.  Was lovely indeed.


We had the most beautiful sunset this week, I went out to grab the last of the washing off the line and couldn’t help but notice the colour of the sky, so bright and vibrant.  I went back inside and grabbed my camera and tried to capture it as best I could, then stayed outside and watched the colours changing.

Lots happening here this week and we are very busy.  I have been trying to take time of an evening to get back to my knitting, which is progressing well now and will post some more photos soon.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Enjoy xx