Beautiful Beaches

First week of School, first week of back into routines, so of course here I am sat at my computer flicking through our holiday photos whilst I should really be tending to my neglected chores………

Port sorell camping57 (640x427) (2)

But honestly I would much rather be here reminiscing the fun, relaxing times we had with family and friends, taking in this beautiful scenery…………………….

Port sorell camping2 (640x427)

Sunshine, bright blue skies, mountains, and endless clear beaches……………………………

Port sorell camping37 (640x427) (2)

Grateful to be able to get out and about and enjoy exploring this spectacular Island home we have missed………………………

We have been doing a bit of exploring lately, some camping, some day trips out and about to get off the beaten track, I will think about these trips today, and the smiles on my little ones faces as they explored the World around them, they are back at School today, learning and exploring again, and hopefully they are still having an amazing time, and have huge smiles like they did yesterday on their first day back into it.

For me I am off to do those chores, take care xx


Handmade Gifts

Giving handmade gifts was on my list for this Christmas, and I managed to get all the items on my list completed, posted, and received, in the week before Christmas, and  I must say that I am rather happy with myself for sticking to it.

I did manage to post a few sneak peak photos on previous blogs, and on instagram, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, now I would like to share more details and the finished items.


I love casting on new projects, the anticipation and excitement.  Also I have not worked with pinks, purples, pretty girl colours for some time as I am the only female in my house, so colours tend to be mostly blues, and greens, browns, and the like, all extremely lovely, and I would never complain as I love it all, I truly do, and I especially love colours of the sea.  However I am slowly introducing pinks back into my creations, and gift making time was perfect timing for this!


I came across some great patterns on Ravelry, for pretty cloths with ‘pictures’ knitted into them….. perfect!


Love this teal colour, yes reminds me of the ocean…..

I had no idea, that you could create images within knitting, I am very much a novice indeed, and there may even be a name for this type of knitting but I have no idea, I just love it!  Would you like to see how they turned out…………



How sweet do these little images look, I gave these ones to my mum, and she loved them!   so happy with how they turned out.   A cute little gardening lad and lass……… and a crochet cloth to round it out.  I made one of the crochet cloths for myself and use it for washing the dishes, it does an amazing job and is wearing very well indeed, still like new.  Although I cannot bring myself to scrub anything grotty with it, I rinse those ones first 🙂

I do apologise, and regret not laying my cloths out better to photograph, the edges look a bit wonky in the pictures, but I promise they were nice and neat and straight, thats what I get for last minute rush to get them out the door and into the postal system 😦

Pattern for little garden girl dish cloth can be found here and little boy dish cloth here, both on Ravelry.


These ones I made for my mother in-law, who loves gardening and I thought would love some garden inspired/flowery cloths.  I must say I really enjoyed making all these cloths, but especially the lace work ones, they seem to be much faster to knit up, and I love seeing the pattern take shape.  A lot of time goes into those ones with the images on them, but very worth the effort.

All three patterns are again available on Ravelry.


I think I may have blogged about this one before, but I truly loved making this lace leaf cloth, might be one of my favourites.  My boys were happily playing with their cars and tractors whilst I knitted…… another one of my favourites…….. bliss

Pattern for this one can be found here.


And of course there was plenty of crochet happening as well.


This one is made from a wash cloth pattern, but as I was making it, I was thinking it would make a nice doily and my niece has told me she uses it for exactly that, which is lovely, and makes me smile.

If anyone is interested in making one, you can find the pattern here.  It is a really sweet pattern, and crochets up rather quickly.


Some of my little collection, prior to gifting.  I am thinking I might continue making handmade gifts during the year, and have a little basket for my makings, so that when the occasion arises,  I already have the perfect gift for that special someone.   Well that is the plan anyway…….

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my handmade ramblings……….

Take care xx

June Photo A Day Challenge

I decided to join along in a Photo A Day Challenge for the month of June.  I am not sure that I will be able to join along for the entire month but I will surely try.  I have been posting my photos on instagram, and I am enjoying the challenge so far.  Here is the link if you would like to join in  fms-photo-a-day, it is being run Fat Mum Slim – a lovely blogger who I only recently discovered via instagram.   If you pop on over to her blog you will find all the details you need to join up with the challenge or if you would like to simply follow along.

Would you like to take a peek at some of my pictures for my photo a day challenge.


Day 3; On my table…………………………………………… {Bargains from a days outing, linen skirt with cute wooden buttons and some bangles for a bit of bling (well done me – less than $10 all up)}


Day Four; After Dark……………………………………………


Day Five; Environment……………………………………………


Day 6; Transport…………………………………………… These matchbox cars transport little ones to the World of Imagination xx


Day 7; Bright……………………………………………  My super cute new notebook

Some days have been a challenge, and I have almost forgotten to take any photos to suit the theme and had to quickly find something to photograph that will fit in.  So now I try to check the night before to find out what I need to be on the lookout for the following day.  It is making me think outside the box, which is good.  I might try to post a selection of my photos at the end of each week up here on a blog post.  If you are on instagram, my user name is seashellsandoutbacktales if you are interested in following along with me.

For now I am off to settle in for the evening, and thinking I might be close to finishing my honey cowl….yay!!

Enjoy xx

Handmade Goodness


Managed to do some more knitting last night, the weather here cooled off greatly once the evening sky darkened and I found myself hunting out the couch blanket from the linen cupboard.    I snuggled up on the couch nice and cosy under our blanket, with my yarn and needle I started the final row of my scarf, and it was in no time that I was able to begin that wonderful task of binding off.


Very nice feeling, knowing that completion is within grasp, and to see the binding forming a nice neat edge.  Was getting a bit giddy with excitement at this stage, to see all those stitches leaving the needle.


Almost there, and hoping that I have done it correctly.  I really did have some frustrating moments learning the stitches.  I can certainly say it has been a good learning experience, many new stitches learnt on this project.


Here is a peak of the finished product, almost done just need to block it.  I am hoping to be able to get this last part done tomorrow, was a bit busy today.  Lots of washing, and general tasks around the house.


And there was bread to bake, I came across a recipe for sourdough yesterday and thought I would give it a go.  I have never made homemade bread before so this was all new to me, starting the process yesterday so that the yeast could do its thing overnight.


Then baked it in the oven today,  it turned out quite yummy.  A nice first attempt, we had some whilst it was still warm spread with butter, and served up with a nice warm cup of tea.  Might try some other varieties of bread in the future and see how I go.

Having already decided on my next knitting project, which again has some new techniques, figure that I might as well keep on learning and it seems that this knitting thing is rather catching.  I am not able to do any during the day but nights are long and knitting is the perfect way to spend the evenings once everyone else is settled and sleeping soundly.  So now I am off to get everything settled, and make a cup of tea to go with my knitting.

Enjoy xx