Beautiful Beaches

First week of School, first week of back into routines, so of course here I am sat at my computer flicking through our holiday photos whilst I should really be tending to my neglected chores………

Port sorell camping57 (640x427) (2)

But honestly I would much rather be here reminiscing the fun, relaxing times we had with family and friends, taking in this beautiful scenery…………………….

Port sorell camping2 (640x427)

Sunshine, bright blue skies, mountains, and endless clear beaches……………………………

Port sorell camping37 (640x427) (2)

Grateful to be able to get out and about and enjoy exploring this spectacular Island home we have missed………………………

We have been doing a bit of exploring lately, some camping, some day trips out and about to get off the beaten track, I will think about these trips today, and the smiles on my little ones faces as they explored the World around them, they are back at School today, learning and exploring again, and hopefully they are still having an amazing time, and have huge smiles like they did yesterday on their first day back into it.

For me I am off to do those chores, take care xx



I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, looking back on life and people who have meant so much to me, those I hold dear, and thinking about where life might be headed, so much is out of our control, and that which is in our control, how I do hope we are making the right decisions when they fall upon us, which is daily really isn’t it…….

Okay I think that is enough seriousness on my part for today, moving on to some nice photos from the Apple Aisle.

I mentioned yesterday I might blog some of my photos from Tasmania, when I went looking through my files, I came across quite a few lovely river reflections, it was a beautiful clear morning and I had been to call upon family but as they were out and about, and I happened to have my camera with me, took a long detour on my way back home and stopped for lots of photo opportunities, and would like to share some of them with you.


Clouds reflecting on the River, reflections always make really good photos I think.


Beautiful views out across the river, green hills, blue skies and white clouds on such a crisp winters day all reflecting along the rivers way.


Came across this dear little picnic spot, how nice would it be to sit here with a packed hamper filled with fresh goodies, and perhaps fit in a row or two of knitting, or some hooky crochet………


These beautiful trees, changing with the seasons………………


These funny little sheep which we stopped to give way to on this little country road………………….. which takes me back to thinking about wool and knitting………………

I have tackled my first knitted vest, yes I felt it was time to try an item of clothing, it has gone okay and was definitely a learning curve and I am glad I started with something small, I will blog about this later in the week.

As for now I think I might take a stroll….

Take care xx


Baking Days and Outback Sunsets


Lots of yummy baking being done here today, cleaning out the Pantry.  A nice date loaf, some oaty cranberry cookies, and some toll house cookies, very delicious.  All the cookie tins are re-stocked and being enjoyed.  The Toll House Cookies recipe makes such a fluffy creamy mixture, a real pleasure to bake (and to eat).


I even managed to have a slice of date loaf still warm from the oven, spread with butter and served up with a hot cup of milky tea.  Was lovely indeed.


We had the most beautiful sunset this week, I went out to grab the last of the washing off the line and couldn’t help but notice the colour of the sky, so bright and vibrant.  I went back inside and grabbed my camera and tried to capture it as best I could, then stayed outside and watched the colours changing.

Lots happening here this week and we are very busy.  I have been trying to take time of an evening to get back to my knitting, which is progressing well now and will post some more photos soon.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Enjoy xx

A Morning on the River

Today I would like to share some more photos from our trip back home to Tasmania.  My husband and I left over 5 years ago, but we still call Tassie home, and miss it very much.  The beautiful landscape, and the fact that nowhere is far from the water.  On our recent rip, we spent a short morning on the water, and I managed to take a few photos, these I would like to share today.


First up the landscape always take my breath away, such a serene setting on this day, the sun was shining through the clouds and everything looked very tranquil indeed.  Have you noticed that my photos are now nice and large, I finally figured out how to make them bigger on here yay!!


On past the iconic Batman Bridge, linking the East and West Tamar Highways along the Tamar River.


It was nice and relaxing, sitting up on the deck, watching the boys explore and making sure that they didn’t lean too far over to watch the jelly fish floating past.  Can you spot the Church in the background, not far from the foreshore.


Here it is, such a pretty Church.  The Auld Kirk, it was built in 1845-1846, and still stands strong and proud.  It has seen a lot of history this old Church, including a very special moment in time for my family, you see this is the Church where my parents were married, many years ago.  This is the first thought that always comes to mind whenever we pass by.


And this is the old Lighthouse, which sits on the banks below the Church.  I remember taking photos of this area in the past, never ceases to catch my interest, these older structures and buildings. , I really should look more into the history of this area.


Focusing back onto the boat, lots of workings, ropes and wires.   Don’t ask me what they do, as I really have no idea, my husband on the other hand, he loves to sail, he used to spend a lot of time sailing when we were younger, doing many Melbourne to Hobart Yacht races, and one or maybe two Sydney to Hobart races.   Feels like a life-time ago, those pre-children years, hard to believe they were not always here with us, keeping us on our toes, and warming our hearts.  It is wonderful how children look at things, everything is an adventure, to be explored and discovered.


Which brings me to the jelly fish that were floating about in the water, the boys were fascinated with them.  They had big crosses on them, which made them even more interesting to the children, and try as I might I just could not get them on the camera very well, but I certainly tried.  The photo is really not good at all and  I apologise for the poor quality, but I know that it was a part of the day, and when they see this photo it will bring the memories back for them, just as it has for me.


And once more, the long standing Batman Bridge.  This brings an end to our morning on the River, I do hope you enjoyed coming along with me.  I am off now to make a cuppa and a sandwich, hope you all have a lovely day.

Enjoy xx