Beautiful Beaches

First week of School, first week of back into routines, so of course here I am sat at my computer flicking through our holiday photos whilst I should really be tending to my neglected chores………

Port sorell camping57 (640x427) (2)

But honestly I would much rather be here reminiscing the fun, relaxing times we had with family and friends, taking in this beautiful scenery…………………….

Port sorell camping2 (640x427)

Sunshine, bright blue skies, mountains, and endless clear beaches……………………………

Port sorell camping37 (640x427) (2)

Grateful to be able to get out and about and enjoy exploring this spectacular Island home we have missed………………………

We have been doing a bit of exploring lately, some camping, some day trips out and about to get off the beaten track, I will think about these trips today, and the smiles on my little ones faces as they explored the World around them, they are back at School today, learning and exploring again, and hopefully they are still having an amazing time, and have huge smiles like they did yesterday on their first day back into it.

For me I am off to do those chores, take care xx



I would like to share some more wildflower photos from our Spring vacation.  It is nice to look back and remember exploring through the bush looking for treasures, and of course keeping a watchful eye out for snakes, but thankfully being the beginning of Spring it was still a little cool for them to be out.   Anyway enough about slithery things and back to pretty wildflowers……


I am not familiar with flowers, I just love to photograph them and appreciate the beauty in nature.  I have however done a search and I believe these are known as Purple Tassel.  They were a very pretty shade of purple with a nice pop of yellow.



Love these yellow pom pom flowers, very summery and happy.


This is one of the pom pom flowers up close, they are made from tiny individual flowers.


This pretty one is a fringe lily.  Such vibrant colouring, and when the sun falls upon its petal they sparkle and shine.  Very pretty.


I was very surprised by how tiny most of these wildflowers were, such detail and vibrancy in such a tiny parcel.  As you can see sometimes the reverse side of the flower petals were very interesting also.


Pink enamel orchids, these ones had a lovely shiny sheen on their petals hence their name.


The reverse side of the pink enamel orchid surprised me and I had to capture it for memory.


Not sure what these ones are called, but again delightful colours and patterns.


This one is the donkey orchid.  I have already shared a photo of this one in an earlier post, but there were so many of them on the day that I had to include them in this post.


And lastly these little flowers, which we were calling angel flowers because they look like sweet little angels.  They were so tiny, about the size of my fingernail,  very tricky to photography especially with the light breeze we had, which was lovely for us but not for taking photographs.

I still have many more wildflower photographs to share another day, today I am thinking about doing some more crochet.   Although lately whenever I say that I do not get to pick up my yarn and hook til rather late in the evening, but I really need to get some more Christmas presents crafted.  I really like handmade gifting, and will endeavour to find more hours in the day to get more made.

It is a lovely sunny Spring day here, and I have my windows open letting the fresh sea breeze flow through.  The patio is looking very enticing for our lunch, perhaps I can extend lunch into crochet time.

Enjoy xx

Snapshots and Memories

This week has been rather wet and windy, and most of our time has been spent indoors.  We have been filling our time with crafting, reading, a movie or two, general playing of toys for the children and I have spent a little time going through photos.  Reminiscing through all our old and new photos, some I had actually forgotten about.  I would like to share some on my blog today.


This first one was an early morning out and about, perfect weather and managed to capture this lovely silhouette.   I have not made any adjustments to the photo, this is how it was taken with the camera and I really like it.


This lone wooden yacht really caught my attention.  It was a dreary, wet and drizzly kind of day and I could not resist taking some photos as a keepsake.  I love how you can look a one photo and so many memories come flooding back.


Another rainy day photo, in the outback this time.   Red dirt, green shrubbery, and grey skies.  Although the red dirt was very wet and flooded this day.


All this wet weather and I came across these rain laden little yellow wattles, so I really have to include them.  One of the most well known Australian Native plants, I really do love native bush flowers and plants, very pretty, very hardy, and very diverse.


This pretty treasure would have to be my favourite native wild flower, the Mulla Mulla.   We Came across an abundance of these when we were living in outback Western Australia.  Such pretty shades of purple and pink, and I am reminded of cotton candy with their fluffy layers.


And another favourite Australian native of mine,  is the Gum tree.  This tree was laden with all these wonderful gum nuts, hundreds and hundreds of them, we had a great time picking up a few that had naturally fallen to the ground, my children played with them for a very long time, their treasures they were calling them.

I really enjoyed going through these photos, the memories brought back, and new memories being made every day.  Now the plan for today after doing some light housework is to sit and rest, maybe some knitting might be involved and a Sunday afternoon movie I think.  Off now to make a cup of tea, and think of what lovely local ‘treasures’ there might be to venture out and take some photos of……. well when the weather improves a little…..

Take Care xx


I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, looking back on life and people who have meant so much to me, those I hold dear, and thinking about where life might be headed, so much is out of our control, and that which is in our control, how I do hope we are making the right decisions when they fall upon us, which is daily really isn’t it…….

Okay I think that is enough seriousness on my part for today, moving on to some nice photos from the Apple Aisle.

I mentioned yesterday I might blog some of my photos from Tasmania, when I went looking through my files, I came across quite a few lovely river reflections, it was a beautiful clear morning and I had been to call upon family but as they were out and about, and I happened to have my camera with me, took a long detour on my way back home and stopped for lots of photo opportunities, and would like to share some of them with you.


Clouds reflecting on the River, reflections always make really good photos I think.


Beautiful views out across the river, green hills, blue skies and white clouds on such a crisp winters day all reflecting along the rivers way.


Came across this dear little picnic spot, how nice would it be to sit here with a packed hamper filled with fresh goodies, and perhaps fit in a row or two of knitting, or some hooky crochet………


These beautiful trees, changing with the seasons………………


These funny little sheep which we stopped to give way to on this little country road………………….. which takes me back to thinking about wool and knitting………………

I have tackled my first knitted vest, yes I felt it was time to try an item of clothing, it has gone okay and was definitely a learning curve and I am glad I started with something small, I will blog about this later in the week.

As for now I think I might take a stroll….

Take care xx




For a while now I have thought about beginning my own blog, and decided now was as good a time as any to take the plunge.  I only really discovered the creative blogging community within the last two years, and just recently started to actively follow blogging.  I am finding so much inspiration through the blogs that I have discovered and look forward to new posts and updates on projects.

A little bit about me, I live in the Australian outback with my Hubby and two small sons whom I absolutely adore.  I love to create,  sew, crochet, stitch, bake, and to try to capture life’s moments through my lens.  The name of my blog came about as I live in the outback but when my mind wonders it automatically goes to the sea, the sand, and the treasures that are seashells.

I make craft items when I find a spare moment or two, and when I get enough items together I head off to the local market with them.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to this journey into the blogging community.